I'm the Engineering Manager for the Adaptive Experimentation group within Facebook's Core Data Science team. I hold a PhD in Political Science and an AM in Statistics from Harvard University.


Adaptive Experimentation Tools Open Sourced at F8 For most of my time at Facebook, I have been working on tools for adaptive experimentation, the machine-learning guided process of iteratively exploring a (possibly infinite) parameter space in order to identify optimal configurations in a resource-efficient manner. This work... Read more

Adaptive Experimentation at NeurIPS Systems for ML Workshop Eytan Bakshy and I presented “AE: A domain-agnostic platform for adaptive experimentation” at the NeurIPS 2018 Systems for ML workshop. This is joint work with Lili Dworkin, Brian Karrer, Benjamin Letham, Ashwin Murthy, and Shaun Singh. Here’s the abstract: We... Read more

Big Data and the Social Sciences I recently had the honor of giving a talk with Adam Glynn at The Future of Big Data Symposium at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The talk, entitled “Challenges of Big Data in the Social Sciences”, can be viewed here: In... Read more