I'm the Engineering Manager for the Adaptive Experimentation group within Facebook's Core Data Science team. I hold a PhD in Political Science and an AM in Statistics from Harvard University.


Theory of Maximum Likelihood Estimation I’ve finally updated and uploaded a detailed note on maximum likelihood estimation, based in part on material I taught in Gov 2001. It is available in full here. To summarize the note without getting into too much math, let’s first... Read more

Network Visualization with D3.js Here is a visualization I constructed using D3.js based on a visualization for Harvard’s Stat 221 class of a network of individuals for whom HIV status is known (original visualization here). I wanted the visualization to maximally exploit the information... Read more

Scraping PDFs and Word Documents with Python This week I wanted to write a Python script that was able to extract text from both pdf files and Microsoft Word documents (both .doc and .docx formats). This actually proved to be rather difficult, particularly when it came to... Read more

Note on Bivariate Regression I’ve just updated and uploaded a note on bivariate regression from a sampling perspective (based on GOV 2000 material): Note on Bivariate Regression: Connecting Practice and Theory Read more