I'm the Engineering Manager for the Adaptive Experimentation group within Facebook's Core Data Science team. I hold a PhD in Political Science and an AM in Statistics from Harvard University.


Bootstrap Confidence Interval Methods in R This post briefly sketches out the types of bootstrapped confidence intervals commonly used, along with code in R for how to calculate them from scratch. Specifically, I focus on nonparametric confidence intervals. The post is structured around the list of... Read more

DAGs in R Following up on the previous post, another way to construct DAGs is using R. I think the igraph package is one of the customizable ways to do so. This is a powerful package designed for the visualization and analysis of... Read more

DAGs in LaTeX Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) are commonly used to represent causal relationships between variables across a wide variety of disciplines. For an excellent (and quite accessible) textbook on the topic, please see the book Causal Inference by Miguel Hernan and Jamie... Read more