I'm the Engineering Manager for the Adaptive Experimentation group within Facebook's Core Data Science team. I hold a PhD in Political Science and an AM in Statistics from Harvard University.


DAGs in LaTeX Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) are commonly used to represent causal relationships between variables across a wide variety of disciplines. For an excellent (and quite accessible) textbook on the topic, please see the book Causal Inference by Miguel Hernan and Jamie... Read more

rgdal for R on Mac rgdal provides an interface between R and the GDAL/OGR library, which provides extensive support for a variety of geospatial formats. It is extremely useful for data import and export tasks, particularly because it can read projection information (from .prj files).... Read more

MinionPro for LaTeX on Mac OS X This tutorial shows how to install the MinionPro font for LaTeX. Following these instructions should insure that you can compile LaTeX documents with the \usepackage{MinionPro} command (instead of using XeTeX). Throughout this explanation, the TeX tree that I refer to... Read more

Favorite applications for OS X I’ve recently upgraded to the mid-2012 version of the MacBook Pro, which has given me a chance to completely install all my programs from scratch, as well as re-evaluate the applications I use. After significant research, here are the the... Read more