GOV 2001: Advanced Quantitative Research Methodology Spring 2013, Teaching Fellow, Prof. Gary King Advanced graduate course in statistical methodology, based upon the maximum likelihood framework. The course covers special topics in political methodology, including causal inference, missing data, and text analysis. Received a Harvard University Certificate... Read more

GOV 2000: Quantitative Methods for Political Science I Fall 2012, Teaching Fellow, Prof. Adam Glynn A mandatory graduate class for first-year PhD students in the Government Department at Harvard. It covers introductory univariate statistics, the linear regression model and its extensions, as well as causal inference. See syllabus... Read more

Math Prefresher for Political Scientists August 2012, Instructor A short class for incoming first-year PhD students in the Government Department at Harvard designed to introduce basic mathematics and computer skills needed for quantitative and formal modeling courses. See syllabus for additional details. R Code Linear... Read more